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    Do anyone know if your employer can cancel your health benefits while on workers comp? I recieved a certified letter of the cancellation, I am still employed but they state that I am on a medical leave. I thought I was on a workers comp/disability leave. Thank you

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    I asked my employer that question before I was put "out" on work comp. They stated that the hours reported to work comp or time I was to get paid for works as hours tword my insurance as worked. Then again were I work you have to work 20 hours a month to keep your benefits if your part time and 40 hours a month if you are full time, but my employment pays all benefits for insurance.

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    If your employment is covered by the Family & Medical Leave Act you are entitled to 12 weeks of job protection. THey are required to give you an option thru COBRA to maintain your health insurance. After 12 weeks your protection ends and you can be terminated.

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    The bottom-line is that WC does not provide any form of job security in PA and that includes preservation of your employment related benefits. FMLA or COBRA may be helpful, but not all employers are subject to these laws. If you worked for a small company with no contract, you may not be entitled these programs. If that is the case, your medical benefits may just be stopped without any recourse.
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