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    Question Average recovery time for cervical fusion

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: OKLAHOMA Hi all I survived the discogram.I must say it was anything but pleasant but I have a wonderful doctor I am truely blessed in that.I will see neuro Nov 17 for scheduling surgery on cervical disc c3 and c4 my question is how long will i have to be off work.I do heavy physical work as a landscaper and I can retire in 7 years I just hope I will be able to do the job.I will have fusion with hardware to relieve nerve impingement.anyone had this and if so what was your experience and how long did you have to take off work?:

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    Depending on the outcome of the surgery, it is 6 months at a minimum and may be indefinite. Discuss it with the Neurosx, but this is a major surgery with potential for complications to prolong your recovery, one if which is your heavy occupation, whether you smoke or not, have diabetes, these can all impact your recovery.

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    Default Re: Average recovery time for cervical fusion

    I had C5-C6 and C6-C7 done and its been almost 2 months now. They say it takes from 6 to 8 months for the disc to totally fuse. As with any surgery there are risks and possible complications but with every person it is differant. You may heal fast and have no trouble. So far I havent had much trouble. Just dont try and rush it and do too much. listen to your surgeon. No one can tell you if you will be able to do the same work or when you can, only time can tell......good luck

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    I had C5-6/C6-7 ACDF done on 10/1/08 and am managing pretty well. My biggest problem is my hip that was used to take bone from to fuse the vertebrae. The surgeon says walk, walk, walk. I do that but find the hip gets a little stiff from time to time.

    I have an appt. next week, 11/3/08 to see if the doc will let me go back to work a little early. I am fortunate to have a job that will accommodate me.

    I have to wear a hard neck brace/collar 24/7 except while in the shower. This has been a little difficult especially trying to sleep but I'm getting used to it if he makes me heal quicker. I also was fitted with a bone growth stimulator that is supposed to quicken to fusion time of the bone. The surgeon told me that it would take approximately three months for the bone to start fusing good hince the wearing of the collar and the stimulator.

    I have to admit the whole experience was better that I had anticipated. However, I am of the mind to think the worst case senario about something then it never turns out as bad as I thought. Another hard thing was using a walker to get around with for the first week and a half. I also have some disks in my lumbar area that will need to be fused at a later time so it was very difficult to get around after the surgery (especially with bone being removed from the hip) without the use of the walker. I gave myself a week to get rid of it, it took a little over a week but I'm getting much stronger.

    I hope this helps but remember this is only my experience, everybody is different and gets told different things by their surgeons but all in all hopefully everyone has a positive outcome.

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    Default Re: Average recovery time for cervical fusion


    I had C4-5 C5-6 and C6-7 discectomy and replaced then fusion with a titanium plate. I too had to wear a hard collar then a soft for quite a while! The bones do start to fuse right away and at the six week visit I was doing great! Much of the questions you are asking is going to depend on how long you have been going on with this injury and if there is any nerve damage! I know some people who have went right back to work and have no problems after 8 weeks. Every case is different. as well as every disc in your cervical area also bears more as far as your range of motion.

    Follow your doctors orders.... and dont do anything STUPID

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