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    Default Doctor's Note to Settle?

    On WC for near 2 yrs.
    On SSI also.
    Per discussion with lawyer, it seems smart to settle WC claim and go on full SSI.
    Lawyer said the Doctor will not send a letter of "Restriction Report" to him for the trial. Said it's needed. Wants me to go to the GP for a letter. I'd be disapointed if the GP made the letter because I'm sure this GP is not up to date with the Specialist.
    I'm very puzzled by this as I don't have much confidence in the lawyer anymore because of lies I've caught him in already.

    I'm wondering why the medical reports from / to SSI wouldn't do what's required with the court.

    Heck, I'm not even certain if settling would be smart for the long haul.

    Matter of fact, I feel dumb as a rock about everything in this whole matter.
    the more I study up on it the worste I seem to get. Meaning the more I learn, the more I realise I don't know. But, isn't that what a lawyer is for?
    Being such a small state, they all seem to golf together and one is as good/bad as the other. I've been to a few,,, not warm & fuzzy with any of them.

    At this point, I just want everything done and over with. However, that still leaves me in this non-workable condition and could be messing myself up in the end with anything I do.
    WHY does it need to be so danged complicated?

    Please ignore the venting,,, but the question in there is real. HELP? I need some good, solid, simple in laymans terms information fast. I find very little of use Googling RI/WC etc.
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    Default Re: Doctor's Note to Settle?

    work restrictions are used to evaluate the level permanent impairment and additional disability benefits. state workers comp has different rules then federal social security and one cannot be used to qualify for another.
    Your atty can arrange for a deposition of the doctor and get his oppinion in writting that way.
    you can find some infromation here

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