Hello All,

I am in need of some answers to some things.

1. I was injured on August 18, 2007 and I am just now being considered for surgery. I have exhausted all of my other options (Epidural Injections, PT, Sacrial Injections) nothing seemed to work. Now I am being offered the Lumbar Fusion at L5/S1 One level surgery. Due to the severe pain I am experiencing in my back and down my legs. Just a little info, I was diagnosed with a Herniated Disc at L5/S1 that is crushing my nerve, with some deteriating. The only reason I am being offered the Fusion is because the pain in my back is unbearable and not allowing me to move or bend half of the time. I am a state corrections officer and majority of the time is spent wearing a heavy vest for at 8 hours. Ive read on several forums and some say positive things while others say negative. If anyone could shed a little light on what I am up against and has anyone in New Jersey ever worked with Dr. David Lamb of Princeton Ortho.

My second question is I am fairly new to Workers Comp, and although I have hurt my back in the worst way. I was involved in a car accident back in 2004 and I only had some back pain but nothing major where it prevented me from being out of work. I was still able to work. My lawyer is aware of this and Ive mentioned it numerous times. But my doctors never asked me anything about a previous condition, they never ask any questions except the neccasary of how am I doing. Now should I just volunteer this information. Or leave it as my attorney does know.