bvia, my case is going 9 years now. i have a new career now, and i am applying with a different company for a higher salary and same benefits. the new potential employer asked me to get a updated medical condition report from my doctors. to make sure there are not any restrictions for the job, i went in saw my doctors they asked me why my case has not been settled yet? i thought my case was over since it has been about 4 1/2 years since i was released from my doctors i've reached MMI. i been trying to get in contact with my AA the paralegal for months now, they just ignore any request to find out what's up? so i just gave up and moved on, i have been rated at just above 50% permanent disability, do you think i am entitled to some kind of settlement? can i fire my AA and proceed myself or will another AA be willing to pick up the end of my case just to settle it? can i file a DOR and go around the AA i have now on my own? i have full coverage health insurance with the company i am working at now. but for the most part i can do my job with no difficulties. i have no plans to ever do the job that i did before that cause the injury, so i am going on as if nothing ever happened, i really don't think i may need any FMC if i do i will work something out with my health care provider,so that being said my injury does not inter fear with my new career. but it still sort of bugs me that there could be a potential settlement out there for me. i just don't know how to proceed to get it done since my AA has ignored any request to review my case. my case is a california WC. i won't just settle for just anything but i would like to know if there is anything? i have more questions to ask i just can't think of all of them right now. thanks so much bvia for your knowledge and guidance in this matter.