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    Default Broke 2 Bones in Foot (Part Time Job)

    I fell from a ladder and broke 2 bones in my foot I was off for 12 weeks with no weight bareing, now I have been back up walking for 3 months and back to my normal job ( not the one I was hurt from)

    My question is do they consider that time off in the award process?

    My therapist said I would never run again or play basketball or pretty much anything high intensity, I will also have a problem with stairs for the rest of my life do they take that into consideration as well?

    It was also a part-time job that I was injured at so I was only making about 150-200 bucks a week ( and LI is paying 130 every 2 weeks) And from what i was reading that may have something to do with the award as well? All I could find in there stats reports were figure based on 3 different wages, I don't have a problem with that but I wasn't making much money at the part time job and now my doctor said I would never be able to do the job I was hurt from which is going to be a lifetime restriction.

    So are all these things looked at during the award process or is it solely on the percentage of loss?

    My doctor and I are looking to close this out in the middle of December so I was wanting to know what the value is or the average value based on what I said?

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    Default Re: Broke 2 Bones in Foot (Part Time Job)

    performing an impairment rating is complex. You should discuss it with your physician.
    Oregon uses the AMA guides for rating impairment.
    Factors such as loss of motion, atrophy, ability to bear weight are considered.
    lost time during the recovery period is not a factor is determining permanent functional impairment.
    converting the impairment rating to disability payments is based on your average weekly wage.
    You should contact the workers comp division with specific questions

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