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    I was injured doing my job. My injury was the result of a repetitive use and resulted in a herniation at C6-C7. I have been having pain on and off for about 2 years. The NS has placed me at MMI with a disability rating. I am working full time at the same job with a modified schedule. I have not had surgery because my disk has healed partially. I still have pain, unfortunately. The insurance carrier wants to settle. I have been giving 2 options. I could get a lump sum payment, but I would have to resign from my job. or I could stay at my job and get a payment for benefits. I dont know if I am ready to end my career yet after 12 years, even though I have pain. i think I will have pain now, no matter what I do. I do not have a lawyer. I dont even know what kind of money value they are talking about. I am a little confused on the situation. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated as I am not sure where I should turn. Besides, if I had to have surgery in the future, would I even get enough money from the settlement to pay for a surgery???


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    the impairment benefits are paid according to the legal schedule and appoved by the work comp court.
    a cash buyout would discount future benefits. The only way of knowing for sure that there is enough money to cover future medical needs is to leave the medical open. No one can predict the success of possible surgery so any buyout amount is a guess.

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