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    Default I Received a Settlement but No Money

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Florida
    My case was settled out of court in late May but I have not seen any money yet. Can anyone tell me why it takes so long to cut a check?
    Apparently the insurance company said that they needed to settle first with the health insurance before they paid me. Why do they need to pay the health insurance first before paying the injured? Why it takes so long?
    My lawer does not understand why it is taking so long. Is there anything I can do so I can get the care that I need with that settlement? Can anyone in this world help me figure this out?

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    Default Re: I Received a Settlement but No Money

    if the settlement included any money, and you signed a contract to close your case . i would call the states dept of labor board to get them involved more. if your lawyer is telling you he/she does'nt know why it is taking so long that is BS . your lawyer has direct contact with the claims adj at the i/c . your lawyer is'nt telling you something or you left something out.

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    Default Re: I Received a Settlement but No Money

    you need to go back to the comp court and have the judge order payment.

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