I am asking in this forum as well as the federal forum because MCN is from Oregon or Washington. MCN(Medical Consultants Network) set up a second opinion appointment for me. I live in the Tampa Bay area and they flew Dr Lawrence Blumberg in from Miami. He refused to look at the reports I brought, did not look at me, was rude and confrontational, rushed through an exam, my total time with him was 11 minutes. He looked at one film out of 7 or 8 and held it up to the ceiling light(there was no light box in the massage room). The door to the exam room which was at a massage business was open the entire time and his assistant stood in the doorway the entire time. (I was the only "patient" there, in fact the door was locked when I arrived) Neither the doctor or his assistant were in medical clothes. I have 3 cervical vertebrae that are fused, aherniated disc and numerous other problems in my neck documented on the mri, myelgram, cat scan and he found nothing wrong. Any help or info on Blumberg or MCN would be helpful. MCN just got a 13 million dollar contract to set second opinion appointments for the southest owcp. They also do northwest owcp, ny and wash dc.