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    Question Time Frame

    injured in nj what is the time frame ins. to find a nuro doctor.

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    First you must be seen by the employer "selected" Dr. If this Dr suggests that you see a nuro then it usually takes about a week to get a Dr who specializes in Nuro. I believe the rules don't give a set amount of time for this to happen, I think it states the treating Dr will refer to specialist when warranted in a reasonable amount of time?? This is not to say this nuro will see you immediately but the severity of your condition may either get you in faster or behind someone in more critical condition. Wish I had more info on your situation


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    thank you for youre input, i have been waiting for about 2 weeks. been to co. doctor what a joke,did therapy,had mri,more therapy,did nothing but make me worst, did needles nothing now waiting on ins. to find nuro.

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