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    Default Disability Rating?

    Hello everyone,

    I was injured at work about a year ago and have been on workman's comp since. In June I went for an IME as directed by w/c and have been given a 73% rating. They are now telling me that my payments will be discontinued. This info came to me in a letter that also stated the disability rating. Does that mean I am now out in the cold and I should get a lawyer? I have a meeting with Vt voc-rehab Is 73% a high rating? Any help would be appreciated...Thank you!

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    while temporary disability benefit will cease now that you have reached maximum medical improvement you are entitled to permanent impairment benefits.
    You can find out general information about vermont benefits and impairment ratings from their website

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    yes ,a 73 % imp rating is very high ! what did you inj ?

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