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    Default Second Injury

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Al

    I think most states have done away with the Second Injury Fund, are "other" dissibilities figured in, when assesing the value of your current problem as related to your body as a whole?

    I currently have a herniated disk, l4 l5, pressing on l5 nerve root, low back and left leg pain. (still evaluating)

    I also have a rating of 5% for both hand's for weakness and arthritis, from a previous carpall tunnell release (2.5 each hand). (WC)

    And a 20% rating on RT Knee for residuals of ACL reconstruction w/medial menscus tear and instibility. (VA)

    I'm just wondering what the outcome might be after the current problem is resolved to MMI. With my rt knee problems i think I might have "more" problems/limitations with the back injury when you figure in my knee. Are these other condition's evaluated in the overall picture? I've not had an atty in the other cases, do you think I should get one in this one? Your advice and opinions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Second Injury

    i think it may depend on how the rating system operates and whether a physician documents greater disability. I would contact the Alabama Ombudsman for more detailed information

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    Default Re: Second Injury

    Thank you for the info.

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    Default Re: Second Injury

    ...are "other" dissibilities figured in, when assesing the value of your current problem as related to your body as a whole?
    I think you will find that you cannot have a "body as a whole'' or WPI/Whole Person Impairment in excess of 100%.

    While each body part is evaluated, and rated seperatly, when combined with your previous ratings... this will be factored in, and a new WPI will be issued.

    Your ER where this claim is accepted as compensable will only be liable for the disability due to THIS injury...

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    Default Re: Second Injury

    you will only be rated on your back if after mmi ,it is determined that you do have a disability . don't hold your breath ! good luck

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