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    Default Settlement Concerns.asap

    What is medically disabled (written by the state DR. in his report)?

    Do you think it is possible the judge would discontinue me if the injury has stayed the same since the conciliation and confrence with the judge that was denied by the judge both times !! and if so why?? Their settlement offer, states they will pay medical benefits and pay for retraining.....which means they accepted liability !!!!! Correct ?

    do you think it would be beneficial to me to settle now before going to the rehab vocational training for evaluation?
    if they approve me for the training then we will have a better idea of what i will be able to do for a living and the pay gap!

    and if I get to do the rehab before settling will the insurance do they have to keep paying me weekly. _____Evan if they cut down the payment to 75% of what they are allowing now. Then we could try to settle after all the training is done?? And we actually know for sure what my work abilities would be if any?

    If they do the eval and they find I am not able to work do to my restrictions 10 lbs...Then it would be a better time to settle correct?

    If we do not settle and the judge does not discontinue me, then what happens?

    If I do not settle and the judge does discontinue me then what?
    Do they end all weekly payments and medical benefits and the rehab vocation edjucation is out.
    Evan though with the settlement offer they have now made in writing seems that they have admitted liabitlty.....due to offering medical for this injury for life:..??

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    Default Re: Settlement Concerns.asap

    Do you have an Attorney and if so he/she can answer these questions. I do know a vocational rehab councilor works for WC and does not have the injured partys best interest, they want to get you back to work and off WC as soon as possible. They cannot even guarantee you a viable job so be careful with dealing with vocational rehab bc it doesnt necessarily mean that a new training in a job you could possibly do is given.

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