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    Default 260 Weeks Payment by Insurance Comp

    If the lump sum is the benefits for the rest of the 260 weeks allowed by state up front? at 75% due to the inability to return to my job and due to my limitations that lower my potential earnings if and when I go back to work?
    If I get paid weekly instead for the rest of the 260 weeks. Is it still possible to get a settlement at the end?________!

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    Default Re: 260 Weeks Payment by Insurance Comp

    A settlement to your claim consitst of money for PD indemnity, possible wage differential, and medical you might need in the future. (if your state provides that medical benefits can be 'sold'...)

    If you take a lump sum for the indemnity, the amount could be paid in ''todays dollars'', and a % taken off the top.

    If you take the payments bi-weekly, you receive the full amount.
    If that is the case, then the only additional money you might receive in a 'lump sum', would be to release the ER/IC from liability for additional/future medical.

    I hope that corresponds to your questions...(?)
    Basically, you don't get indemnity, and wage differential, and a settlement on top of that...

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