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    Default You Will Get Through This

    I was injured back in December of 2006 while working.
    I herniated my L4/L5 Disk and it's changed my life forever.

    Since my Injury, Liberty Mutual has done everything in their power to get me to either admit I'm not hurt or just give up.
    It's their job to take Companies premiums and make sure the employees who are injured at work are kept to a minimum.
    I understand their process because the sad fact is that there's allot of People out there who defraud IC's but what I don't understand is that once a worker has been shown to honestly be injured, why do they continue to harass them?

    I have truly been blessed because December of 2008 Liberty Mutual finally settled with me.
    I feel blessed because I read and hear so many stories of WC cases dragging on for 5, 6 even 8 Years.
    I'm also blessed because my LTD Insurance Co, Unum, has saved my Family from being Homeless and broke.
    I wish I could go to every Company and tell my story of just how important LTD Insurance is.
    The way I look at it is that it's the best $10.00 a Week I've ever spent.

    I know it sucks but I can't stress strong enough GET A LAWYER!
    Yes, they make a killing off WC cases but the world of WC rules and regulations is dizzying to say the least.
    If you're just dealing with a sprain Ankle or broken Arm then I doubt you'll need an Attorney.
    But if you've suffered a serious injury like loss of a Limb or a Spinal injury then please listen, LAWYER UP!!!
    It cost me $12k out of my settlement for legal representation but the alternative was a settlement offer of $20k that would have been near impossible for me to fight because my Attorney used her Firms Money to send me to several Doctors to uphold my disability claim.
    There's no way I could have afforded to fight them, but my Attorney could.
    In fact, because Liberty Mutual fought our proposal for settlement, they had to pay me double after my Attorney sent me to several Doctors that included Psychologists that linked my depression with my injury.
    In fact, because of this Can of Worms that Liberty Mutual opened they sent me to their own Doctors and Psychologists who concurred with my Doctors not only about my injury, but my depression as well.
    Because of their fight everything attitude, it cost them double.
    Sure, it drug my case out for almost 9 additional Months, but in the end it cost them big time.

    Always tell the truth!
    Since my injury I've been to more Doctors in the last 2 Years than I've been to in my life.
    With all the testing I'm not stupid.
    I could have acted dumb and it would have helped my case because for some reason everyone acts like the smarter you are the less disabled, huh?...

    That's right, WC as well as SSDI regulations state that the more intelligent an individual is, the more re-trainable they are thus less disabled and unable to qualify for SSDI.
    Yes, this is a true statement, but when you're talking about a physical disability like a Spinal Cord injury, it doesn't matter how smart you are because of the pain.
    Now if you say get an Arm cut off and you work in a Factory where you must have 2 good working Arms then your career in that Factory is over, but you can still do other things.
    I can't wait to go before the SSDI Judge and ask him or her to explain just what I'm supposed to do.

    I just want everyone to know that this nightmare of WC will get better as far as the Money goes.
    As for the injury, that's a different story.

    As many Years as Doctors have dealt with Spinal injury, you'd think they would have something by now that truly helps the injured, instead of antiquated Surgery and Physical Therapy that as far as I'm concerned because I've been through it, helps little for the pain and does allot of damage in the long term.

    I had my Neuro surgeon throw his Hands up one Day and ask me "What else do you want me to do?!"
    I told Him, "Fix Me!" Make me better, take my pain away, give me my life back!
    Soon after that he wrote me off and stopped seeing me...

    I was talking with my present Doctor about a Month ago and she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me.
    I told her that if she could fix my Back and get me back to where I was before this all started, I'd endorse my settlement Check and give it to her.
    She laughed until she saw the sincerity on my Face, that I wasn't kidding.

    The one thing People who have had a Spinal injury at work need to realize is that things will never bee the same, but they will get better and you need to get into the mindset that because of this, you're going to have to adjust to your new life.
    This is something I'm still working on and will continue until the day I die.
    There are some Days when I try to do something simple that I'd taken for granted before and the pain hits.
    First I want to cry but then I pick myself up and realize that things could be so much worse and I make a conscious effort to not let it get to me.

    There's allot of things I can no longer do, but then again, there's allot I still can and I focus on that.

    I get mad, I vent, I move on.
    I've found the worst thing I can do is writhe around in the negative Goo.
    The longer I writhe around in it, the more energy and strength it takes from me, I refuse to give up!

    Always remember, God is watching and he will make things right in his own time, not yours.
    Some Days I feel like I'm being punished for something I did, but I know it's not true.
    Everything happens for a reason and when ever I look back on other bad situations I've been through I always say to myself Oh, I get it now.
    I'm sure when this is all behind me I'll look back and say to myself oh, I see why now...

    I hope all who read this has a true blessing in their lives and when it happens, they pass it on. What do I mean?
    Check out the First thing my Family and I did with my Settlement:

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    Default Re: You Will Get Through This

    I wish you and your family well. It was very sweet what you did with part of your settlement...very inspirational.

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    Thank you for sharing your story and your pictures. I know what joy you and your family must feel at being able to help so many. Congratulations on your settlement and moving forward with your life.

    Dont forget about all of us that still need some direction and hope at finally ending this wc nightmare. Check in with us once in a while.

    Good luck to you and your family.

    Injured Gypsy

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    Default Re: You Will Get Through This


    That is so inspirational and god bless you and your whole family for what you have done. You took a very negative time in your life and turned it around to help those less fortunate than yourself at this time of need the nation is in with your settlement. I gave up on mine and settled for little but was able to give to my children whom have not had an easy life a few little extras this christmas. Now after paying all my back bills and things am broke and my daughter asked why I spent so much on christmas this year for her and my grandchildren I told them this was the first time in years that I could and this family has been through enough since 2006 I wanted to give them the best christmas and decorate like a winter wonderland so that they will never forget it.

    Again God Bless,


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    Default Re: You Will Get Through This

    Thank you for what you have done and will continue to do.

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    Default Re: You Will Get Through This

    Bless you for taking the road less traveled... and as with Job you stayed faithful and dedicated to God and in return God has blessed you and will continue to do so.

    And to those of us still going through this trial with work comp... Ask Anything in his name and it will be so.


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