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    Default How Does One Get the IME Report?

    I'm pretty sure I am entitled to it, but how do I go about getting a copy of the IME? Is it through the doctor or the IC? Also, if the report was in my favor (as I believe it was but I would like to see the words that were written), will I hear from the IC? I realize I will if the report was not in my favor, but what happens if it is?

    Is it okay to proceed with arranging the surgery at this point and just carry on as if all is well insurance wise and now deal with the injury? The IC doesn't seem to return my calls so I was considering contacting them through certified mail for a copy of the report.

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    Default Re: How Does One Get the IME Report?

    HI-here is what happened with my first IME....I felt it was going to be in my favor based on my attorney kept calling the i/c opposing counsel for it and they claimed "they never rec'd it but when we do, you'll get a copy"
    well, we did not believe that for a second. they claimed that because it was not in their favor, it was in I used trickery and got it.
    I called the dr's office where I went for the IME told them my family dr wanted a copy of the report before my visit, gave them my dr's fax # and had it faxed to them, NO Problems...then of course my family dr gave me a copy of it, and I gave it to my attorney, and long story short, it is what won me my case. I was very lucky. I am now in the process of having the 2nd one faxed, to me this time since I have my own fax machine. I just requested it yesterday and nothing yet. so Good Luck getting yours, and I would just call where you went and ask for it. don't even mention it was an IME, just ask for the records dept. and ask them how do you get a copy of your records for your office visit, and have it faxed somewhere you can get your hands on it. Lots of Luck to you and good luck w/your surgery.

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