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    My claim started in June of 2006, i work for a telephone company and have been there over 4 years.( in may of 2009 will be 5 years) the first year i worked there i started having right shoulder problems (which was accepted through the insurance company for RIGHT TRAPEZIUS STRAIN) i did about 3 months of pt and thought thats all i needed and or thats all the insurance company can do for me, so i just lived with the pain. i was around the age of 19 when this happened, so i didn't know about my rights. a little more than 10 months after that the pain got worse so i reopened as a aggravation it was accepted for RIGHT SHOULDER SPRAIN and have done about 6 to 8 more months of more pt, which made my condition worse than it was. i have done 1 month chiropractor work and 6 treatments of acupuncture. the pain consist in my neck, right shoulder and mid back so this is my problem, i cant sit for long periods of time i cant walk for long periods of time so i was told i was just gonna have to live with my back problem so there is not much more treatment that i can get. so i have had this problem for a little over 2 years and i finally got to see a ime. the ime report stated that i should do a PCE which i haven't gotten the results back yet. i should find out what they are on the 15 of jan, 2009. the first doctor that i saw said it was a right trapezius strain(doctor a) doctor b was from a emergency clinic and said it was tendentious and sent me to doctor c. that doctor did 4 cortisone shots which didn't work, then referred me to pt. doctor c told me i am medically stationary and that i should deal with it, and find a different job. i was stressed out about what he said and wanted to find someone that would treat me, so i met doctor d. this doctor was a back doctor i did about 1 months of chiropractor work which came from doctor e. which didn't work so doctor d sent me to more pt, and then sent me to a acupuncture doctor which didn't work. i finally moved back to my home town to get support from my family, cause they give you 60 % of your wages from when the claim starts. which back then i made 10. 26 a hour so it like 7.50 i make now. even though in 2008 i made 15 a hour so its a big difference, so i couldn't afford cost of living and moved back home. which i am hoping i dont have to file bankruptcy. i now am seeing doctor f. which sent me to more pt, and the pce. I have a attorney, but she never keeps me updated and keeps trying to settle. first offer was 15000, which my attorney gets 25 % of it and she told me i would get 7,500 from it. which seems to me more than 25%. i was supposed to have a hearing for more coverage of my back cause as indicated the secound paper they gave to me said that it was only for right shoulder strain. my attorney was trying to get the conditions of cervical and thoracic strain/sprain for my workmans comp benifits but they got denied. i am not sure if i need to get another attorney and what happens if the pce indicates that i can work for tmobile, what then. my attorney never really calls me back, sometimes it take her 2 weeks to do so. i have no clue where my case is going, and what is going to happen to me, i relieze that i am gonna be medically stationary and all my attorney wants to do is settle, which doesnt sound right. if i settle can i reopen in the future if i have more problems with the right shoulder. or should i fight for more coverage then settle.

    i hope that this all makes sense, its just everything is going really slow.
    oh yeah and i have been off work since march of 2008

    thanks again jenn

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    If you settle the claim is closed. Talk to other attys before switching.


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