I, obviously, have PMA as my worker's comp company. For the most part, they have been easy to work with. When I was injured, my boss told me to go to my family doctor, etc. I have heard sometimes you have to go to one that they tell you to.

There have been a couple of minor things...my claims adjuster supposedly went on vacation and didn't do "whatever" to make my direct deposit get deposited. I think that is dumb, why wouldnt it just be automatic each week.

I am getting close to the end of my recoup, and my dr has told me quite a few times that I cannot go back to the farm i was injured at. That my knee is just too messed up. (I did have surgery, just nothing more they can do.)

My question is...does anyone know the ease in which they might settle? Anyone been where I am with them?

The work note I have from my dr does not list limitations to returning to work. It simply states that due to the condition of my leg, it is his medical opinion that I cannot return to that job.

I guess I am hoping they will see that and say...oh...ok...here. YEAH RIGHT.

I am assuming they will actually want to see some limitations listed to see if they can push me back to the barn?

I had been called by my boss and told that I was being fired awhile back.

The reason was this: She said they were changing the company who we were paid through, so everyone was actually changing. I know it's true..my son and some friends work there.

The boss told me (incorrectly) that I was being fired, and my w.c. would stop. Then they wanted to hire me by the "new" company when i was ready to return.

So, I was fired, but the offer of a job is there.

Some one mentioned once that there is a difference if your employer is insured one way or another...kind of self insured or outside?

If anyone remembers, this is the second time I worked in this barn, years apart, different employers. I was honest with the manager in interview about previous injury, etc.

It was much the same that time.....they called and reported my injury...then gave the contact info for them and my claim number and told me to go to my family dr. Was out for 3 years, got as fixed as I could. I honestly had no clue at that time that you sometimes settle for any $. I did have a nurse lady from the ic that time and she asked me if I had a figure in mind and told me that they were interested in settling. I did so, with the help of a lawyer. It honestly seemed a simple process.

I have no nurse lady this time. It is a different insurance company. I guess i am hoping it is just as easy and that someone here has dealt with this company and may know.

I read others horror stories and i feel like crap. Is the difference that this is such a small operation? They own 3 barns, maybe 20 employees. At least that is how many they own in PA. Only 5 workers in my barn. Are some companies self insured and they fight you more?

I am not looking at a huge settlement, I know. He told me the amount would be between 45 and 68 or something like that. He, of course, is gonna start high, and they will whittle it down. Is that the difference? Last time I got 42. When it is smaller amounts maybe they are quicker to just get it over with. Or maybe because in a barn there is no light duty so that is not an option?

I dont know...just having a muddled mind day.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, or knows of that company..could you drop me a reply please?

Thanks, and Hang in there to all of you that have had to fight so much.