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    Default At the End of Healing Now What?

    Hello everyone,
    I seen this site and was looking for some help. I was injured at work in October of 2007 at work. The cause of the injury was I had fallen from a wet truck and dislocated and broke my knee cap. Since that time I have had 2 seperate knee surgury's and have been off work. Last week my doctor told me that I was at the end of my healing and my ppd would be between 20-30%. I have permanent restrictions and my company said they cannot accomadate them. Workers comp called and said that as far as they are concerned the case is closed, but I can file for Voc. rehab and unemployment and that is it. I find it funny that they can just decide to turn the switch off of your benefits except the ppd and say you are done. I feel that i am getting the shaft in this. I wanted to return to work for my company and not able to. Am I getting a raw deal. With the economy the way it is, it will be hard to find a job, not to mention a job that paid well. Any idea's?
    Also this is something I have held back and could use advice on this as well. The company I worked for has had many lost time accidents this year (4). We are a small company with 13 employee's not very good odd's. The workers comp insurance company has dropped there coverage because of too many claims. I know for a fact that my accident could have been prevented with the proper safety equipment. We were told by an independent osha inspector that we had considerable violations and where I was hurt we needed a safety line in case someone fell. This and everything else was never really addressed or fixed. Just looking for an opinion if I should pursue this matter and get an attorney, or maybe call osha so the problems will get fixed before someone else gets hurt. Again any help in this matter would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: At the End of Healing Now What?

    Comp benefits are specified by law. It's not clear from your post which of the benefits you believe you are being denied. I assume the carrier/employer paid temporary disability and medical treatment. you also said they're providing the ppd.
    Are you wanting information on how to change wisconsin work comp laws?

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    Default Re: At the End of Healing Now What?

    .I dont believe you can just go and get vocational training and think Comp are going to pick up the costs.I also believe its time for you to get an attorneys advice.In my case,which I was crushed at work 7 years ago,is still on-going,even though Comp said way back in 2004.................."we are done with you".My accident also could have been prevented if the parking brake worked on the forklift.But whats done is done I guess.I now just have use of one arm.Was this any help.If you would like I would actually hear more about your case,etc.If you want to do this privatly.Who knows who is lurking at this site.

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    Default Re: At the End of Healing Now What?

    when they determined you have a disability and its at 20 or 30 % and they say there done, that should mean they are ready to settle. and to crush w/c ins will pick up the tab for voc rehab. read his statement ,he can't go back to his previuos line of work, so thats means he will be trained in something else determined by his asvab score. you should contact a lawyer, it will cost no money and if you get a settlement they take roughly 20 % . check out your states dept of labor web site concerning w/c issues. good luck !

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    Default Re: At the End of Healing Now What?

    Unfortunately once you reach end of healing in WI, your TTD stops no matter if you have a job or not to return to.

    You are entitled to voc rehab. I would ask the insurance company if they will help with payment of job placement. If they will not, call the Department of Workforce Development in Madison and ask for information for the Department of Voc Rehab as they can assist you in starting the process. they will determine if job placement would help you return to the workforce or if there is a need for retraining. If they feel retraining is needed, the insurance company may be forced to pay for the schooling which means payment of TTD while you are in school, mileage, meals while at school, tuition, etc.

    You're not getting the shaft, it's what the state allows for benefits. The IC is just following what the law allows.

    Regarding the safety issues with the company, there's not much you can do. Workers compensation is considered exclusive remedy, so you can't sue the company in civil court because they are picking up WC benefits.

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