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    Default Kicked Off W\c Bad Back Still Hurt

    Was kicked off after 4 months third party doc said MMI,, well why do i still hurt why is my back not going to be back to normal ever injury was from a driving a fork lift around contruction sites and home owners delivered sod for a farm My injury was a central disk pertrusion of the L5 S1 after shot in back and some therapy it has gottin to a 2-3 pain level and has not improved from the and the doc said MMI so what the hell with that MMI they pay to get you to a certain level of revovery and the rest is up to you LOL what now my personal doc says life time injury, I'm a CDL driver and am afraid this my cost me my career i've had for 7 years any help any one can give would help,

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    Default Re: Kicked Off W\c Bad Back Still Hurt

    you can file an appeal with the work comp court

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    Default Kicked Off W\c Bad Back Still Hurt

    they dont care my friend waywest, i been dealing with my insurance comp since 09/08 when i had my injury i havent seen any $$ how is that !!
    and i have the L5 disc herniation. life is pain now every single day i was a warehouse worker anf forklift driver now i cant do any lifting . i was thinking on be a truck driver but i find out i cant be seating for more than a 1 hr and my pain will get worse n worse, you r right this mess up your driver career. good luck

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