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    Angry Do I Complain to My Doctor, Again?

    Hi all,
    I haven't been here in a while. Tore my right Rotator Cuff in 4/07. IC, which is also my employer, paid me bare minimum. Got an atty in 8/07. Had 1st surgery in 9/07. Board hearing agreed to bump up my benefits to $400/wk retroactive to 4/07. Finally recd that check, and increase end of 10/07 (of course minus atty fee). 12/07 went to IME. 1/08 had manipulation under anesthesia. 2/08 benefits reduced based on IME. 3/08 went to their IME again. 6/08 my doctor referred me to head doctor in practice who specializes in shoulders. New doctor requested MRI; then yet another surgery request. Finally got approval for surgery in 10/08. Been going to PT 2-3 times a week ever since. My PT's think there is something still wrong. My ROM is still limited; can be forced, but with severe pain. My hand goes numb when forced. I cann't stand any pressure to right arm/hand. I have pain that goes down my arm into my hand, and up my neck, across my upper back. I am STILL sleeping sitting up in a recliner since 9/07. My doctor says it's going to take a long long time. Even told me I may be one of those people that need surgery every year or so! Yee Ha!
    The Nurse at my doctor's, whom I see every other visit, has decided that I am not working hard enough. She doesn't like the PT place that I go to (1/2 mile from my house) and says they are "no Good"! However, they were suggested to me by my DOCTOR-her boss! I complained to my doctor in December about her and all the things she said. He told me to disregard her attitude. She has "bad days"! Well, I saw her last week. Again, the attitude. She said I am to do PT 2-3 days a week, which I've been doing, but she was not letting me go to my PT; she literally refused to give me a script for them. She said I "Had" to go to the PT which are right next to my dr's office (convenient for her - must have a friend there - 10 miles from my home). She told me to be prepared that they were going to hurt me so bad, I may need someone to drive me? Also, if by my next dr appt on 2/23 I didn't show improvement, my doctor would be pi(*& off if he had to do another surgery. She told me to take as much x-strength Tylenol, Ibuprofen, +/or Oxycodone before my PT visit, and to medicate after my visit to help me tolerate the pain? Ok. Medicate myself so I don't feel anything, so when they cause some sort of damage, I won't know 'til the pain meds wear off?
    Sorry this is so long. I have so much anger about my whole situation. My question is, do I have to go to PT where she says, or do I complain again to my doctor?

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    Default Re: Do I Complain to My Doctor, Again?

    If your Dr. is not associated with the PT place, I would consider going elsewhere. Your Dr, if he is good, is a major asset to your case and you wouldn't want to piss him off, especially if he is making $$ off your PT. Find out if that is the case and if so, complain (again.) If not, seek PT elsewhere.

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    Default Re: Do I Complain to My Doctor, Again?

    you are best switching doctors. Don't get in the middle of office politics; your recovery comes first.

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