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    Just another story about ic practices and how chicken @#$% employers can be, I was injured (neck and back discs) in october 2008. I was with the company 12 years and was in management. Since my accident happened on a weekend with no witnesses my em. and ic are denying the claim.After being off 4 weeks taking up my unused vac pay they put me on fmla. I received a lite duty release to return to work in Jan 09 of course they said no lite duty was available. Went to drs. and after enough talking and assurance that i would be extremely careful they gave me a clearance to return to work with no restrictions I worked 4 days with of course a chaperone to make sure i didnt get hurt again .Everything was going fine until fri morn. i went to work and was told due to economic reasons they had to lay me off as they had no money in the budget for a customer service manager. I thought it was one-helluva coincidence that just happened to be the same day that my fmla ran out.Imagine that! So i guess under fmla rules they did hold my job for twelve weeks as i returned to work for 4 days anybody had this happen to them?

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    I hanen't been receiving any wc benefits as of yet. I don't know if there have any other lay-offs. Everybody around there seems to have amnesia!

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