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    Default Advice and Options Sought on Work Injury

    I injured my knee working as an officer with the Pa. Dept. of Corrections twice. Both times tackling inmates fighting with staff. I banged my knee hard on a concrete floor in both instances. I`ve been off work now for 6 months. Thankfully I am now covered by the heart & lung act for injured law enforcement officers,and firemen. But initially workers comp denied my claim and was completely ignorant to me. I appealed my case. And suddenly one week before my hearing they changed their tune and no longer denied me.
    I had surgery from a panel doctor. He found a chondral fracture to my medial femoral condyle. And debribed it by arthroscopic surgery. He sent me to 6 weeks of PT afterwards. But I continue to have nagging pain and trouble with my knee. His final advice was "you`ve got a bad knee but things could be worse in life". I was putoff by his attitude. Especialy since I`ve always led an active life!
    I waited the 90 days required by law. And started treating with a new doctor of my choice. He did an MRI. And found the following. Chonromalacia Patella,small joint effusion,a small Baker`s cyst. And mucoid degeneration of the posterior horn. And of course Arthritis. He gave me a cortisone injection and prescribed 6 more weeks of PT. He opined that I will probably need at least a partial knee replacement further down the road. But in the meantime I can return to work with set limitations. My dilemma is my employer will not accept permanent limitations for my position. So its either bite the bullet and go back to work or stay out and get a lawyer. If I return without limitations, I do not believe I can trust management to do the right thing. If I continue to have problems with my knee. My union has advised me not to go back unless fully recovered. But there is a stigma for officers that get hurt and don`t return! I`ve lost sleep weighing my options! Anyone that`s been here tell me your opinions please! THANKS!

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    Default Re: Advice and Options Sought on Work Injury

    Hopefully some fellow correction officers will chime in, but in the meantime, I would suggest that you be very careful when using terms like “permanent limitations.” The Heart and Lung Act only applies to persons who are temporarily incapacitated, and if your limitations are found to be permanent, you will lose these benefits and be confined to just WC which is not nearly as beneficial.
    Timothy D. Belt, Esquire
    Helping injured workers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

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