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    Question Shoulder Settlement

    I recently have had a shoulder injury, I have surgery and about 50 pt. visits.
    The wc doc. has given me a 10% dis. to my arm. The claim adjuster has mentioned a settlement of 13000ish. I am still able to do my job with mild pain, and I have to rest frequently becouse of the physical labor. Does this amount sound in the ballpark or not? Also will I have med. on my shoulder after the settlement? Have not talked to a lawyer waiting on advice before I do so. Thanke you

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    Impairment benefits are separate from medical. If you want more impairment $$ you need a higher rating.

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    You should have open medical on that injury for the rest of your life. At least that is what they are going to offer me on my injury (open splenectomy due to a work injury). They haven't offered me any dollar amount but the doctor gave me a 0% impairment rating. Thanks AMA 6th edition I hope they offer you a decent settlement, best of luck my friend.

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    Defenately leave medical open - since you still have pain and take meds for it you will probably need to see a dr down the line and your private ins. won't cover it because it was work related.

    Just a quick tip!


    Ps. If their ic or their lawyers say it's not necessary don't believe them, you can contact your private insurance co and they will tell you the truth. This also is true for ssi/ssd.

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