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    Default Where to Find 'Body Part Values'?

    The monetary values for damaged body part must be online somewhere, but I can't find anything about it.

    Can anyone help ?

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    Default Re: Where to Find 'Body Part Values'?

    It's generally contained in the state's work comp statutes. For Oregon it's
    656.214 Permanent partial disability:

    disability is not usually given in dollar values but in weeks of benefits. the weekly payment rate is a separate calculation.
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    Default Re: Where to Find 'Body Part Values'?

    You can find the calculators here..., the software is free, but there is no assistance.

    Your 'award' is going to be based on the % of permenant partial disability/impairment you suffer due to the injury/illness.
    That is a medical determination made by your treating physican or the IME in a med/legal evaluation...done when you reach MMI.
    The number of weeks PD indemnity assigned to each 1% of the rating, and/or scheduled body part is pre determined.

    If you disagree with the rating, you initiate the dispute resolution process...the IME. Independant Medical Evaluation.

    Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)
    Permanent partial disability is the loss of use or function of any portion of your body as defined by scheduled or unscheduled disabilities.

    If your Notice of Closure shows you have permanent partial disability, this means your injury caused a condition that has not returned to its normal or pre-injury condition. You will receive payment from the insurer for this disability, and the amount will depend on the severity of the disability. Disability to certain body parts, such as a hand or foot, is paid at a rate set by law. Payment for a body part or system (such as the back, hip, or respiratory system) may be affected by factors such as age, education, work history, and current ability to work.

    If the insurer overpaid you for past benefits, the insurer may recover the overpayment by reducing your permanent disability payments or by reducing future benefits.
    The award will also depend on whether your injury is 'scheduled body parts'...or 'non-scheduled'...
    For dates of injury prior to 1-1-05:
    “Scheduled” versus “unscheduled” injury payments

    Scheduled disability is the complete or partial loss of use or function of your arm, hand, leg, foot, or other extremity of your body, or the loss of your visual or hearing ability. These body parts are listed on a schedule with an amount of money applied to each, so that you and all Oregon injured workers receive the same amount of money for the same disability, regardless of what job is performed at the time of injury. ORS 656.214.

    Unscheduled disability affects your ability to earn a wage. It applies to impairment of body parts that are not listed as scheduled. ORS 656.214(5)
    YOu can read the disability rating rules here...

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