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    Was injuried Jan 5th 09 as a volunteer firefighter and had a torn ACL and just had surgery 2/18/09 and will be out of work for 6 more months. my question is my normal employer is third party to all this but is going to start making me pay their cost of my health insurance of 220.00 a week including what I had to pay for a total of 280.00 a week. Is there a way to recoup this cost thru my worker's comp claim thru the city I volunteer for ? I'm clueless to this worker's comp stuff.

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    no. work comp benefits are limited by law and ancillary losses /costs are not part of the coverage.

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    And... you better check with the IC providing the group policy your ER is providing... most policies provide for a minimum number of working hours per week, or you don't qualify for the ER provided group policy.

    If you are FMLA eligible, your ER is required to keep your job, and ER provided benefits for you for up to 12 weeks/annum... at no cost to you.

    total of 280.00 a week
    per WEEK... over 1K month ! for group health coverage...?
    You should check into a personal policy... you can no doubt do better in a 'private group' an insurance broker...

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