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    Default Double Crush Syndrome Versus Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: NC

    Anybody familiar with double crush syndrome? Just started reading about it.
    As a result from NCV/EMG nerve test, my AA has added Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to my claim, as the nerve test stated that the nerve damage was consistent with CTS. I am starting PT, after C4/5 C5/6 fusion surgery and the IC, was at first, balking over approving my wrist splints. I then get a call from the IC, stating they are approving the wrist splints because my surgeon has in his records, the term double crush syndrome. This is the first time I had heard of this, and my surgeon has never mentioned this to me. The CTS issue is being contested by the IC, which is on the April docket. Talk about being confused, and talk about the feeling of medical issues being withheld. i have complained to my surgeons assistant about my hand pain during every visit and never was double crush syndrome mentioned.

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    Default Re: Double Crush Syndrome Versus Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    I've had a double crush syndrome since Dec 2008 now. My claim is in Texas. I've had both the carpal tunnel surgeries on my left and right hands and a trigger thumb release to boot.
    Went to a compensation hearing this last no help so I guess it'll be a court date in May. Read my blog called "Pain In Both Hands".
    Like you, I'm pretty frustrated at the system.

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