My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: ILL
hey guys , im very agrevated today. i went back to work yesterday with job rescriction for my shoulder that i had surgery on 2.5 months ago. I also had a major knee surgery. my restrictions are very long no repetitive motion for my shoulder ETC. so i went to work my boss said i understand you need to get up and walk around every half hour due to your knee but you need to stay at your post i dont want you bothering anyone. ok so i sat at my post and they handed me 10 boxes of papers for unstapleing,sorting ,scanning and fileing . after about 2 hours of this i could barely move my arm i told them i could do this this and this and it meets my restrictions can i please do this. after my boss rolled his eyes he called hr to come down. She came down talked to him for about half an hour called me in and said you have no choice but to do this and you will do this till your 100 percent( ill never be 100 percent) i also explained in my doc note it says no repetative motion with my arm not 8 hours of continuose motion she said it doesnt matter. has this happened to anyone , what do i do . yes i have a lawyer and are they just trying to get me to quite or lose my temper ty.