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    I was in a accident last year in which i lost my eye site in one eye i have perminent nerve damage and the whole left side of my face is medal plates and screws. and now im diagnosed with post tramatic stress disorder witch keeps me from being around heavy machinery and the only kindof work ive done has been machine work and my balance is messed up. A machine exploded in my face im wondering if its possible for me to receive millions.

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    maybe, if your future medical needs will cost millions. most of the million dollar claims in comp are lifetime hospitalization/care-home type claims.
    if there was any third party liability you may have some recourse in civil court.
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    ... im wondering if its possible for me to receive millions.
    Not likley..
    How is a settlement determined?
    A settlement is appropriate when, after an injured employee reached maximum medical improvement, the employee retains a disability resulting from the work-related injury. The employee’s treating physician will determine in writing a percentage of Impairment and state the part of the body affected. This is called an “impairment rating.” There are many variables in the computation of a rating but the percentage will be based on standard criteria used by all physicians to determine the percentage of impairment retained. A Workers' Compensation Specialist can assist in figuring an appropriate range of settlement for vocational disability, however, the Specialist will need to know the exact wording the doctor used when giving the rating, percentage of Impairment the treating physician assigned, which body part was injured, and Employee's weekly compensation rate.
    You also are not likely to see 1M is because TN has a max number of weeks indemnity even if you have a 100% whole person/body impairment.
    *The 400 weeks for body as a whole is used for a maximum for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) but does not apply to Permanent Total Disability (PTD).
    For PTD awards, there could be a continuation of weekly benefits for life, and access to medical treatment as needed on an industrial basis. It would be doubtful that the ER/IC would simply pay out a 1 million dollar cash settlement to an IW based on the information you have provided.

    You can go here for additional information on comp benefits in TN.

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    It all depends on what they rate your impairment at, I lost a internal organ (spleen) and recieved a 0% impairment rating. There is no compesation for pain and suffering. Only to fix the immediate physical problem and send you on your way. Sorry my friend I doubt you're going to get millions for the loss of sight in one eye, even with a permanent impairment in that eye it is most likely peanuts compaired to what you should get. AMA 6th edition really butt hammered the injured worker. I wish you well.

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