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    Default Can You Quit?

    Can you quit or change your job while on workers comp ?

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    Not always that simple... "Yes", the insured party is the ER, and the coverage follows you as long as necessary to 'cure and/or relieve from the effects of the injury'...

    "No", some states allow the ER/IC to stop wage loss benefits if/when you remove yourself from the labor market... if you quit, you voluntary give up your wages...there would be no 'wage loss' necessary.

    If you change jobs, to an ER willing to take you while undergoing treatment to an industrial injury...and have lessor earnings than your pre injury job, you could be eligible for wage loss benefits...

    TX WC for IW is here...

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    yes workers comp is the employers insurance and remains in effect protecting them from claims whether employees come and go.

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