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    Default SSI and Workers Compensation Settlement

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: California
    Can i apply for state disability while waiting on my settlement from the IC?And will they take a portion out of my settlement for receiving SDI? oR will me getting a settlement affect my SDI?

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    Default Re: SSI and Settlement Question PLEASE

    You can apply for SDI at any time. They will not pay if you are also receiving temporary diability or are permanently disabled. If they do pay then they will file a lien for reimbursement from workers comp which will be deducted from any permanent or temporary disablity awarded.

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    Default Re: SSI and Settlement Question PLEASE

    If you are applying for SDI because you have reached the 104 week cap, there is no problem...IF your PTP continues to certify you cannot return to work.

    If you are applying for SDI because you have been determined MMI, and released to RTW... you won't be awarded SDI benefits. A doctor must continue to report you cannot work.

    You may be eligible for UI if your ER cannot accommodate your RTW....

    You must continue to be 'disabled' to receive 'disability benefits'.

    You can review SDI here...

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