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    Default Can I Apply for Workers Comp?

    well i worked only for 2 months at my job and a couple days ago i woke up with awful pin in my back but went to work cuse they want u in sick or not sick so they decie wether u can take day off.well she sent me home later the same day i went to chiropractor and it didnt help its been 2 weeks. and i have not worked cuse im basically couch and bed bound. now i fell off later first day at work and i was in some pain but went away. hen for a few weeks from the day i woke up in awful pain i was having moderate pain but just took pills and kept working. now i have had a injury years ago tat has cause me my siadic neve pain but iv never seen doctors for it and 2 years ago i was thown from a car and it cause back pain for a while but went away but iv been able to wok just fine untill i took this job and its a real physical job and its caused me pain to were i cant work so can i file for workers comp if the job aggervaited a pevious injuy? sorry for being so detailed just wanted to explain the situation t get right answere. thx

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    yes aggravations are considered new injuries.

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