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    Is anyone having any problems with their NCM? I'm sick of mine and tired of her having so much control over my life.

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    There are several threads here on NCMs...I don't think there are but 2 or 3 IW"s that have experienced 'happy thoughts' about their NCM'

    You are free to tell the NCM that you do not want the presence in the exam room with you... but be aware that the doctor and the NCM will be discussing your treatment plan anyway.

    That is what the NCM is there to do... see that you get the treatment you are entitled to 'under the law'... and no more than that either.

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    You can always get in touch with the i/c ca manager and ask for a new ncm that the 2 of you are not getting along at all and you feel this might be slowing down your recovery because of all the stress.

    Just a suggestion,

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    Make sure you read up on laws just like BvIA said, I think you will find that they want to have you "believe" that they have alot more control than they really do. Like nipper123 said, let someone know how intrusive this person is and they are keeping you stressed. I would call the state and report it. Don't allow them to come to your home either. Unless you are home bound, tell them you would rather meant them somewhere if they need to speak to you. Don't allow them to control everything. If you allow it, they will do it. Your injury is the ONLY thing that is thier business. Don't let them in the room for your doctors app. They can come and speak to the doctor after your app. That's what I did and they didn't want to come anymore. I set up the app. and if they couldn't make it. OH WELL. They only have as much CONTROL as you allow, other than speaking with doctors on your injury. Good Luck

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    I've only ever dealt with mine over the phone. Though I know she gets info she wants from the dr's she schedules me to see, she still asks me to call her and tell her what went on. Thankfully, she hasn't tried to pull the Exam-Room-Sneak-In or show up at my house without an invitation ( and it would be bad if she did, because I wouldn't open the door ).

    Even if she ever does show up to an appt, there's no way she's going in with me. As for 'controlling' anything, all she controls are the medical appts now and that seems to be more of a scheduling thing.

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