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    My sister was injured on the job in MS, has had surgery twice, they terminated her employment a few months ago and stopped her WC checks with no notice last week. She is still under the doctors care and not able to work right now. She has no other income and no way to live until she is able to go back to work. Can WC just stop paying like that?

    She does have an attorney, but so far no settlement and he is hard to get a call back from.

    What are her options re WC?

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    controverted or denied claims can be appealed to the work comp court.
    more information in the claims manual pg 35

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    W/C can do that and will as your sister found out. She needs to demand to speak to her attorney or get a different one. Has she looked into ssi? Tell her to go to SS and look into ssi or something else they may offer, if she hasn't. Good luck!

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