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    Default Reached MMI Imparamint Rating

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: florida
    im entitled to impairamint money when i reached mmi. my rating is 13% whole body. i get paid $1014 bi-weekly. how much do they owe me and will i get the money in lump sum? can anybody do the math? thanks

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    well im really suprised that no one has responded yet. you will need to go to your states guidelines to see how many weeks they have to pay you. in ks its like 415 weeks for whole body. but it may very from state to state. so just look up the chart and it should be able to tell you.

    i have a question for you, after you reached your mmi, and you saw a doctor for your evaluation, how many weeks did it take for you to get anything. did you have to go back to court, or did you all just settle it outside of court and did the defense fight you on you disability rating or did they accept it.

    i was just curious, i just saw a doctor tuesday for my impairment and disability rating and he said it would be 2-4 weeks before the report would get to my lawyer, then it was up to him. so i was just curious to see how long others had to wait, even though i know that it varies from case to case,

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    Do you have an attorney? Are trying to do is on your own? If and when they make an offer it would be best in my opinion for you to at least get the advise of an attorney. Good Luck

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    Information on PPD benefits is here...

    2. Within 14 days after the carrier's knowledge of each maximum medical improvement date and impairment rating to the body as a whole upon which the carrier is paying benefits, the carrier shall report such maximum medical improvement date and, when determined, the overall maximum medical improvement date and associated impairment rating to the department in a format as set forth in department rule. If the employee has not been certified as having reached maximum medical improvement before the expiration of 98 weeks after the date temporary disability benefits begin to accrue, the carrier shall notify the treating doctor of the requirements of this section.
    (e) The carrier shall pay the employee impairment income benefits for a period based on the impairment rating.

    (f) The department may by rule specify forms and procedures governing the method of payment of benefits under this section.

    (g) Notwithstanding paragraph (c), for accidents occurring on or after October 1, 2003, an employee's entitlement to impairment income benefits begins the day after the employee reaches maximum medical improvement or the expiration of temporary benefits, whichever occurs earlier, and continues for the following periods:

    1. Two weeks of benefits are to be paid to the employee for each percentage point of impairment from 1 percent up to and including 10 percent.

    2. For each percentage point of impairment from 11 percent up to and including 15 percent, 3 weeks of benefits are to be paid.

    3. For each percentage point of impairment from 16 percent up to and including 20 percent, 4 weeks of benefits are to be paid.

    4. For each percentage point of impairment from 21 percent and higher, 6 weeks of benefits are to be paid.
    Your 13% is payable for 39 weeks indemnity. If it's paid at the TD rate, that would be $507 X 39 = $19,773.00

    The IC is free to pay that out bi-weekly and leave the medical open.
    Or, if you negotiate a C&R the indemnity would be paid in lump sum, but subject to a reduction to 'todays dollars'. You could deposit the money in an interest bearing account the same as the IC can... the interest earned would then replace your discount for the lump sum payment.

    There may be other rules/issues that pertain to your claim, you should make yourself familiar with the statutes, and/or consult with an atty.

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