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    Default Employer Let Worker's Comp Policy Lapse

    I was injured on April 15 2009, I have 3 phone messages with my employer adknowledging I was hurt. They tried to get me to use my private insurance and got rreal madd at me when I insisted they file the w/c claim. They fired me via text message when I insisted they give me the name of the carrier.
    I retained a lawyer and it seems they had let their w/c coverage LAPSE Feb 22 2009. My question is--I'm severly injured and it's been 5 weeks--I've received NO MONEY FOR MY FAMILY--my mortgage is late-cars are late--WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

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    Default Re: Please Tell Me Wjats Next

    You'll have to use other resources until the uninsured employer fund can step in.
    Make sure you contact the labor commissioner's office before there's another victim

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    Default Re: Please Tell Me What's Next

    You could go to social security office and see if you would be able to go on SSI. Get a hold of the county and state where you live, there may be programs your not aware of. Good luck and take care.

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