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    Default Work Injury With Pre-Existing Conditions

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Louisiana
    3 and 1/2 months since injury...Company dr said I could go back to work day after injury...hired an attorney and let him go yesterday...hired another one who feels I should have been getting W/C payments.

    MRI found bulging disk in neck, lower back with torn lig in knee. Ortho wants to do surgery on knee and injections in neck and back. (This was done after visit with IME)he told me he did not feel I needed to have an MRI done.

    Nothing has been done for my TMJ...I do not have the money to pay for this...I have had to use my husband's personal insurance for all dr visits...W/C is paying for my meds and approved 12 PT visits to date.

    IMC dr feels that I could work 4 hr per day 5 days a week setitary work only. He does feel that Chiro or PT would be good. In his report he made several references to not having any x-ray report or films and even relayed that I went to my dr and returned with CD for him....he could not open it on his computer. How can dr's report without proper and previous information or x-rays....he did have my dr's notes.

    One other thing that worries me is that I had been diagnosed with fybromyalgia last year...but my visit with my dr in Dec showed no accident happened in Feb...I am now having fybromyalgia symstoms once again and since my injury I have post concussion syndrome. Both have some of the same symstoms (depression, aches and pains, sleepy, or not being able to sleep, headaches and IBS.

    I have a few questions
    1. Can having fibromyalgia in the past hurt my case.
    2. Why do you feel I have not received a W/C check as of yet?
    3. Do I have a claim on my past employer who terminated me one week after injury...with several dr's saying I was not able to return to work at that time.

    Any help is appreciated...broke and hurting in Louisiana.

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    Default Re: Help

    1.having non-industrial conditions can make an already complicated case more complex especially when trying to indentify who should pay for what.
    2. medical information including disability status about your condition is not being shared
    3. maybe; if the doctors say the injury is responsible for some of your current medical problems

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    Default Re: Help

    Thanks for your input....I will see that my medical info is shared with each dr I see.

    My current medical problems are due to the injury while at work.

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    Default Re: Help

    when another insurance program is paying for the doctor the disability information may not be getting sent to the carrier timely.

    if you are due disability payments that have been denied or delayed you should contact the state office of workers comp

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