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    Default Workers Comp Insurance for Personal Caregiver

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: CA.

    I am on workers comp to treat my injury but I find the need for home care for an expedited recovery. I am planning on hiring a temporary (3-4 months) personal caregiver (5hrs/week):
    -without doctor's prescription
    -without comp carrier authorization
    -no home owners insurance to cover caregiver's workers comp

    As I become the employer in this situation,
    Do I have to pay for my caregiver's workers comp insurance since it is only 5hrs/week? If yes, then where can I purchase the work comp insurance for the caregiver? Or is there some kind of personal liability insurance?

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Insurance for Personal Caregiver

    IF there is no coverage, then you could be required to provide WC for any person you pay a wage to as an 'employee'...The number of hours worked in any given day/week has no bearing on your responsibility to provide benefits if there is a work injury. EE's are covered for injury from the first minute they present to do the job. (other than psych/stress claims)

    You contact your insurance broker... the one you bought your auto, home, renters policys from. They will have all the necessary information.

    If you feel the need though, you should discuss this with your PTP, and there could well be a 'medical necessity' here. Worth a try.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Insurance for Personal Caregiver

    check with your home owners insurance.

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