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    In 06/08 I tore my right rotator cuff at work and have been receiving workmans comp benefits, after getting an AME. In Dec. of 08 my left shoulder started bothering me and had an MRI and confirmed left rotator cuff tear. I am right handed and believe that over compensating my left arm is why it tore. How could I prove this? Do I need to get an attorney now. I did have a second surgery on my right arm in april, which had come apart and had ACL tear and the ligaments of my shoulder ball were torn. I am a licensed veterinary technician. Before going back to work I have to be able to lift at least 40lbs. Can someone please help me and direct me in the proper directiion. Thank you for all that posts.
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    I too had something like what you are going through. Yes, it is very common to shift weight to the other side. As long as they are paying and not giving you a hard time about medical, I see no reason for an attorney. Most of the time people don't get one until W/C IC starts giving them a hard time. At that point I would advise an attorney. But of course thats up to you. If they are giving you a hard time about left shoulder, then you may want to get some advise from an attorney now. Good Luck

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    first of all both arme were covered!! file paper work for your left arm now you only need and attorney when the insurance adjuster controverts your claim!

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