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Asking a Individual who has given the same answer numerous times IF they have a MSA or do they Self Administrate there MSA or do they actually utilize a Custodial Account is not biting ones hand off IMO.Please go back and read the postings especially post 7 and 8.

You will notice after the 3rd post that you are the only other poster besides smackman, BVIA, AND maw19531 in 29 postings. This was a serious discussion.

I do not know if BVIA has all the correct Answers;
Neither do I.
I know that me and maw19531 agree and maw has a MSA and Self Administrates his MSA.
Look Nipper, I know you have a bone against me from a previous thread. Please Open your mind and reread the postings; Thats all I ask.
You are correct Smackman, I do agree with you. Both of us have very similar cases where we each will see a PM doctor monthly and purchase our drugs from our MSA. Period...... As long as you set up your MSA in a seperate account - keep a few thousand in a checking and the rest in an interest bearing account that you can sweep over as needed, pay your doctor as specified in your MSA contract, keep copies of every bill you pay including your drugs, keep your bank statements for your MSA, at year end for your MSA you will total up what you have spent on your drugs and what you have spent on medical services and send an annual self-attestation form to the name and address they give you on the form you should be just fine.