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    Default Insurance Company Demand for Medical and Work History

    Making a long story short , I was injured in 98 ( neck ) received lifetime medical . went 10 years without any problems. Then out of the blue problems , 3 years of steroid shots , MRI's Cat scans , Physical therapy. 2 bulging disk one pinched nerve and plenty of pain. The doctor who preformed the Surgery in 98 is the same one i have been seeing for the past 3 years . he says the only thing to do now is surgery. Now that it has come down to the wire the insurance company is wanting a second opinion and has also sent a request that i send them a list of every doctor i have seen since 2000 as well as every employer since 2000 and place of residence since 2000. Since this began 3 years ago we gave the information about the doctors now they want it again plus .
    Is this Legal ?

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    Default Re: Legal
    They are looking for something that you may have done to aggreviate/worsen the problem, something that could be attributed to the present condition, that would releive them of the liability. EVEN though you hvae ''lifetime medical'... that covers the 'normal progression' of the injury/illness... other things you have, leisure, etc could have been the cause.\

    So, the IC is entitled to investigate the request for treatment now before they pop for the cost of another surgery.

    You are asking someone else to pay for treatment to your injury where there could possibly be another party liable.

    "Normal progression'' is pretty much becoming a 'couch potato', and never getting up but to eat and pee...not even then if you can help it.

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    Default Re: Insurance Company Demand for Medical and Work History

    well that's pretty much what i expected. I have worked and continue to work,
    I have no choice , have nothing to hide i have not had any injury's head , neck ,back . I do landscaping , carpentry ( handyman) jack of all trades.
    I have never hidden anything from the doctors or the Insurance company.
    the insurance company wanted to buy my life time medical 10.000.
    and at the time was out of work and about to lose everything and almost took it.Thank God i didn't. I have a close nit family. If it wasn't for them.
    I might had made a big mistake. I guess it's pain patch's muscle relaxers till my neck falls off. Thanks

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