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    Click the "Forum" tab located to the left of "What's New" tab at the upper left of this page.
    You are now in the main forum homepage, click on the category or state you wish to post in
    Click the "Post New Thread" tab located above the name of the forum description you selected.
    Give your thread a title, post your question or comment in the preview pane and hit "submit"
    You're done.

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    Default Re: Trouble Posting

    Please help If possibly.
    I began to write about WC With my adolescents to the site unaccounted for i hit post and found myself at a digital road Blok, instead of the confirmation page I was ignorantly expecting. That being said, can I I recover it. I now have read the post new forum advice. Lol, but it was really passionate and a personal leap in the way of Hope and better understanding of my workerscomp case/life I'm going through.

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