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    Question Workers Comp Laws and Heart Problems

    Before my injury I was a tractor trailer driver for a freight company. Using a trailer one day with a broken back door that the company refused to take out of service I was injured with a torn tendon in right shoulder, and tennis elbow. Was going for physical therapy for treatment and boss changed my start time hours from 10am till 12 noon. I also have sleep apnea problems. Late night coming back on Mass Pike I was starting to doze off behind the wheel so I asked the PT people to release me back to driving full time. They did with following conditions. Must drive automatic transmission if possible, no lifting pulling or pushing over 20 pounds total. Automatic they gave me, the lifting restrictions they would NOT honor doctors recommendations. Have your customers open your back door and take their freight out I was told. When I complained about the weight lifting restrictions I was informed" Are you refusing work? If so, go home we dont need you anymore. Either go do your job, or we will hire someone else to do it for you. While in Enfield, Ct on april 24th of this year, I was informed to pick up 7 pallets on the trailer before leaving the area to go deliver other customers. Under alot of stress from employer due to their total disregard to injury, I suffered a heart problem disorder and was ambulanced to Baystate Hospital where I spent 5 days. When main office was informed of the situation they're exact words were" Heart problems?? You were born with it we dont have to help you at all " and hung up. I have now been out of work since April24th with no income whatso ever coming. No workers comp, no unemployment, no long or short term disability, turned down for SSI, ( wife works so we're not qualified)
    no social nothing. Am I entitled to WC benefits?

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Laws and Heart Problems

    that may be up to the comp court.
    you'll need a medical opinion to support that your heart condition was caused by your job.
    you file a claim with the work comp carrier.
    if it's denied you appeal to the comp commission.

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