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    Default Saskatchewan WCB Appeal

    in sept 1997 i was injured working on pipeline. It was a lower back injury, i could not walk into hospital, they took x-ray said i strained it and sent me home with painkillers.
    now this was in kindersley,sask, a small town with no real physio or big hospital for proper tests. the dr i had there said go where you can get physio asap, after he wrote the board several times advising this
    so as i had no income yet from wcb and no treatment avail. i moved in with a family friend in sylvan lake ,ab.there i sought physio, went to new doctors. the first was very old school and wrote that i did not need physio, that it was mechanical pain and i needed a work hardening program?
    i went to another to get a referal to physio, and became my family dr there.
    wcb wrote me at 4 1/2 months after injury saying i had to attend a back rehab program in calgary,ab.
    i asked my physio therapist about this and she said i could not do that yet, and wrote wcb for me saying this.
    however i had to go or be cut off. shortly into the program they had to reassess me as my pain was so bad, they had me lifting weights, bending etc...after reassess they told me i needed to see an orthopedic surgeon, and changed my program to modified, which was short walks,relaxation,streching,.
    anyhow i was there a month, and was discharged without passing it.
    and was waiting 3 months to see ortho dr.wcb cut me off 2 weeks after this program even though i was still not to work according to dr and back rehab program and physio therapist.
    so i had to go on welfare. a year later was when i got in for 2 mris of my back, which showed i had compression fractured L5-S1 vertabrae, and disc was bulging, torn maj gluteal muscle, pelvis and groin pain
    i also had an unstable sacroilliac joint on the side i tore the gluteal muscle which stabilizes it. i developed high chronic pain levels after/during work hardening
    dr s said i could not work. i was on heavy painkillers as well.
    also i was refered to several specialists, orthopedics, physical medicine, neurologists, and had 6 reports sent to wcb and my dr stating i was in severe pain, unable to sleep, continue physio., that it was a result directly from the work injury , that it was not healed, soft tissue injuries including ligament strains....and so mri's were ordered.
    how does wcb justify cutting off benefits after 6 months on a back injury that i was still awaiting to see orthopedic surgeon and get mris done, which show this damage?
    when i appealed and recieved my wcb file there were internal memos between my client worker and wcb dr. they were along the lines of how/when they could dismiss the specialist reports and mri's, and ending my benefits.
    the wcb dr and board overruled my 3 family drs in sask, alberta and BC, as well as the 6 or more specialists for assessments, and had me cut off before results of the 2 mri's were even in.?
    i have run out of appeals, cannot find a lawyer to take the case on contingency for 10+ yrs of back pay and re-instate benefits medically and financially, instead of me being on another gov't program for disability where i have to live on $1000.00/month and alot of meds and treatments are not covered??
    i am disabled for 10 yrs, canada cpp disability accepts this, also the provinces disability program? yet sask wcb can decide whatever they want and cut you off by speculating that the symptoms and mri's were result of previous activities in my life. ignore all the specialists, and side with the one dr i seen to get a referal to physio who said i did not need it , go to work hardening program? hmmm sounds fishy
    if i can get media to cover this maybe we can expose the workers breaking their backs and being cut off and sent back to work or go on welfare???
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    Hello Kevin;

    Injured workers are being denied diagnostic tests to diagnose the severity and extent of worker injuries; Several Doctors are abusing injured workers and we have PROOF of this;

    Saskatchewan WCB is corrupt and fraudulent in the administration of injured workers claims; As a matter of fact they have concealed medical information that proves they returned me to work, KNOWING full well that I would suffer further injury. They did this purposely to close my claim and deny me help for my work injuries;

    You are not alone, WCB is committing massive fraud against injured workers in Saskatchewan; join in our class action lawsuit ASAP;

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    Default Re: Saskatchewan WCB Appeal

    here i am 13 plus yrs since injury that caused initial disability, never was rehabilitated to point could return to work. however, as the several specialists said would happen as result of instability of sacrum r.sacroiliac joint, and weakened damaged soft tissue and strain on my lumbar spine which also was injured, compression fracture and disc tear and bulge from mri 10 months post injury, and gluteal tear all unhealed at that time. was cut off at 8 months.

    well they (specialists) said if not fixed soon within 1yr or so i would develop accelerated degenerative conditions and other instabilities as well as injure myself much more easily. well they were right, i am now bedridden, on strong medications for pain, spasms and sleep, which do not work completely as i keep doseage to where i can use my brain without it being all muddled. as this is all i have left to contribute with.

    and where did the financial responsibility get handed off to? the taxpayers are paying my $1100/month income thru social assis. disability program, and cpp disability, as well as medical tests, monthly dr appt's, all the medications since they cut me off after failing their work hardening program in "98, was cut off 2 wks later, even though awaiting an mri that their program had recommended as well as the specialist appt for the severe pain and insomnia that their "work hardening program" caused
    i know this because i was improving in a wcb approved physio clinic, and they ignored her protest of me being sent their saying i was in danger of reinjury and it was not clear what injuries i had and should see specialist, i was on no stronger med than robaxicet then and was sleeping most nights
    appeals denied, however i have proof my case was mis managed by case worker and wcb dr at the time from my file.
    so thank you sask wcb for ruining my life, turning 42 and move like i am 85

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