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    Default Relocation While on Workers Comp

    i have a workers comp claim in PA and want to relocate to another state.
    according to what my doctor recently told me, it isn't likely that i will be returning to work soon...does anyone know if my employer can discontinue my workers compensation or petition to quit paying it?

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    Default Re: Relocation While on Workers Comp

    I am sure the insurance company is liable untill your case is closed at workers comp. The particular injury stays with the employer where you injured even though you now work with somebody else. The best thing you can do is retain a lawyer. Workers comp lawyers are free and necessary.

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    Default Re: Relocation While on Workers Comp

    We're free? I didn't know that.

    I would agree that you should talk to a lawyer. There are several potential issues when you move out of state including a possible job offer from your time of injury employer and billing issues with out of state doctors. It is very fact specific, and it would be a good idea to talk these issues through before making your decision.
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