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    Unhappy a New Back Asap

    I hope someone can help me because Im at wits end and is very, very bad pain. I injured my back at work in 2006 was diagnosed as having Degenrative Disc Disease and I was out on disability in 2006 while my job and lawyer tried to dispute my claim that the injury didn't happen at work. I went before the WCB and my claim went in my favor. I got some money from it roughly $1800. Now here it is 3yrs later and I've reinjured my back, and I'm wondering if the money I recieved settled my claim or was that the back pay they owed me from the time I filed in February of 2006? Please someone help me understand.

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    if your re-injury was at work file new claim.
    if the re-injury was not work related you are out of luck as comp will only handle work injuries whether it was settled or not including aggravations.

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