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    i am at the end of healing for an elbow injury and the w/c carrier has hired a voc. rehab specialist out of eau claire to work with me.i know i will need at least a two year degree if not 4 in order to get back to what i was earning prior to question is how do they pay out retraining,is it a settlement agreement that is paid lump sum or is it pay as you go.I am already in jeopardy of loosing my home due to injury and behind on other financial obligations,so im hoping a settlement check is in order and if so how long can i expect to wait?

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    i know i will need at least a two year degree if not 4 in order to get back to what i was earning prior to injury
    I think you may have an unreasonable expectation of what VR offers. If you didn't have a college degree before your injury... it would be doubtful for your employer or the public service to provide one after you are released to return to work.
    ■Submit to the employer at time of injury documentation of your work restrictions so that the employer may determine if work is available within your permanent restrictions and make an offer of "suitable" employment. Your employer should determine if work is available within 60 days.
    NOTE: A "suitable" position is one that pays at least 90% of the wage at time of injury and meets the permanent work restrictions established at the end of the healing period.
    If you are eligible for VR services... you should continue to receive weekly benefits while you are participating in a program.
    If there is no dispute regarding the need for vocational rehabilitation (retraining), the insurer or self-insured employer is responsible for paying, as maintenance, your weekly TTD benefit for each week you are in school. The insurer or self-insured employer is also required to reimburse mileage for travel to and from school, and to provide a meal allowance.
    Additional VR info is here

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    Don't quote me on any of this, but it doesn't matter if you haven't been to college before. My husband only had a H.S. Diploma and was in the same line of work for about 14 years, so he HAS to go back to school to get back to his earning potential. He wants to go to a 2 year school ( I'm trying to be vague because who knows who reads this?) but our lawyer is going to help us get that. He said it's the most important part of what you have to fight for from workman's comp, more than your % of disability, etc. It's all important, but the schooling part is what's going to get our life back to where it was. He mentioned something about $45,000 for school, but I think he was basing that on my husband's current yearly salary (since we moved to Wisconsin his income got cut by about 60%) Anyway, you can have a free consultation with a workman's comp lawyer if you are afraid to hire one, just to ask some questions. Otherwise you still don't have to pay unless they get involved with what you get as far as % of disability, and I guess part of your schooling, but if you can't fight them yourself and get what you need, it's better to just get the lawyer. We have one "on hold", basically we'll use him when it gets that far, which may be soon. If you want his name let me know. Are we allowed to give out names on here?? Good luck to you!! Oh, and by the way, the schooling you should be able to get pretty quick I think, but as far as your other income, if you're entitled to S.S. disability, it will probably be backed up 2-3 years, in which that case you'll get a lump sum for that. Don't be embarassed to seek out as much info as you can find for help for disabled people to help you get back on your feet. You just have to do your homework. Can I ask what you did before and what you want to do now, and what happened??

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