My husband was injured almost 2 years ago. Workmans Comp has been an everyday nightmare, from day one. Well, actually, we thought it was WC. Believe me when I say, we do feel we must be the dumbest couple alive. We have been lied to so many times, that now, we are afraid to trust the WC, if indeed, that is who we are finally talking with. I know now, we should have called a lawyer the first day. The so called WC, was an insurance company, privately paid by the job, as, they are not subscribers of WC. Believe me, even today, they still said, they were WC, even when I told them today, they were not, and I knew we had been lied to. The first doctor should have looked at the MRI and done surgery. Instead, he ordered 3 months of physical therapy. We were then sent to a state doctor for an MMI, He demanded they do surgery. He told us we should be refered to a doctor in about 10 days, but, the problem would be getting a doctor to do the surgery after waiting so long. Those 10 days, turned into 5 months, again, the insurance co(AKA) WC, held us off with every excuse you can think of, and then some. I will add, we had to finally fax over our paper work to them 2 different times, and this took about 5 weeks. They then, put us off about who was willing to do the surgery. Finally, I talked to INS Co, (AKA) WC myself, and threatened to call a lawyer. They finally sent us to another doctor, he was not able to do it, but said he knew a doctor that he thought could. So, here we go again, Finally, a few more months later, we got an appointment with this doctor, by this time, it was to late for him too, but, bless his heart, he called a doctor himself, and we got to see him a few weeks later. In Nov. 2008, my husband after much pain, and falling, and wearing a brace that was held up by duct tape, which was denied twice from the INS CO, (AKA) WC, Finally got to have surgery. Now, this was not the normal surgery, this was extensive reconstuctive painful, slow recovering surgery, because, by this time, there had been more damage done. NO, I am not making this up, and, yes, it gets worse. His recovery, has been slow, but, he has done wonders. This surgery was assisted by 6 doctors, who had never seen one done after this long. It also had been a first for the wonderful doctor. We are greatful to him, for all he has done. Now, I just found out, that he will not have time before his time runs out to have an MMI done, so, he has to have one done, and he will be put on a 5% MMI, until he gets an appointment. I did talk to a lawyer, that my husband called, and they said we could not sue the first doctor, nor can they help us at all. I will call another lawyer tomarro. I know this sounds crazy. If anyone has ever went through this, please give me some advise. Thank you.