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    Question Radiculopathy


    I found the forum while searching for posts on radiculopathy. However, the topic that I wanted to reply to said that it was too old to receive replies.

    Is there anyone else with radiculopathy here? Any radiculopathy cases?

    Read about radiculopathy symptoms, medical causes, and other information.

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    Default Re: Radiculopathy

    When the doc told me that I had radiculopathy I came here asking about it also this is what I was told.

    "Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a problem in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly"

    I had a MRI done and found out that I have a bulging disc in my neck (C-3/4)and a herniated disc L5-S1 disc.

    How did you get hurt? When did you get hurt? What are your symptoms?

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    Default Re: Radiculopathy

    The term you use and condition is fairly common with cervical and lumbar spine injuries. There is lots of information on line if you just "google" it. I suffered a cervical spine injury, which I have radiculopathy. I had cervical fusion surgery but the nerve damage was severe enough that I have had carpal tunnel release in right hand, and am having the left hand done next month. Had herniated disc C4/5 C5/6....Fused....Also have herniated disc in L5/S1 3 Surgeons recommend, no surgery at this time, but suffer from severe leg weakness,pins and needles, numbness etc... so you see it can effect both the upper and lower extremeties (arms and legs)

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