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    Default Doctors Who Will Accept Workers Comp

    I live in Concord, CA. I need a psychiatrist in my area that will accept this type of payment

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    Default Re: Doctors Who Will Accept Workers Comp

    You'll have to go to your IC's MPN list to select a physican to act as your PTP/Primary Treating Physican...or if you have a PTP, that doctor will refer out to a physican in the specialty required for your injury.

    Check your IC"s web site for MPN info, or contact the Claims Administrator/CA for additional information.

    If you are not required to treat within an can select a physican of your own who accepts WC patients. That info is through yellow pages and your time contacting their offices for info.

    ALL treatment in WC though is subject to the MTUS/ACOEM, UR process and prior authorization from the ER/IC.

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